Baby and Toddler Swim

Baby and Toddler Swim has been designed to bring you and your baby/toddler water safety and early swimming skills in a fun, simple and safe programme.

Newborn babies are naturally at home in water having spent nine months in the womb and adjust easily to a water environment. Every newborn baby has the potential to become a water baby, and the sooner a child discovers the freedom of buoyancy and underwater swimming, the more relaxed and independent they will become in the water.

Baby and Toddler Swim’s approach to swimming is to consolidate the baby’s natural swimming reflexes and help them become conscious voluntary movements. All babies are born with natural swimming reflexes, the most important one for baby swimming is the ‘gag reflex’ (laryngospasm), if a baby takes any water into its mouth during submersion it will trigger the epiglottis to close over the larynx, creating a watertight seal and preventing water from entering the trachea or lungs.

Baby and Toddler Swim instructors offer a gentle and loving approach that ensures your child is taught to move freely in the water and at such a time when your baby/toddler is physically and emotionally ready, will swim confidently. These lessons, whilst being full of energy and fun, are also sensitive enough to be completely centered around the needs and abilities of each individual child.

Baby and Toddler Swim is suitable for babies from as young as four weeks old until they start school (4 years old) . Our classes are small and intimate allowing only a maximum of 8 in each class to allow personal attention for each and everyone in the class.

Our courses are normally booked in blocks of 12 lessons to fall in line with school term time. Lessons are 30 minutes long and one adult is required to be in the water with each child.

Baby and Toddler Swim Groups Classes can be catered to your needs if requested ie an antenatal group or a group of friends who wish to be together.

In order to avoid congestion inside the pool area and in the car park, we suggest you arrive for your class no earlier than 10 minutes beforehand.  However, classes begin promptly, so please be ready at the poolside just before your start time.

Baby and Toddler Swim Changing facilities Due to space considerations we suggest that you bring as little equipment as possible, however please bring a mat for changing your baby on the floor. There are limited cubicles available for you and your baby to change in.

happynappiesBaby and Toddler Swim Double nappy policy For each class your baby/toddler is required to wear a disposable swim nappy together with a “Happy Nappy” by Splashabout on top. This is to avoid leakages resulting in the pool having to be cleaned and possibly closed. The “Happy Nappy’s” are available to buy at your first lesson.

Please take all your used nappies away with you. Baby and Toddler Swim use the Birthlight method of teaching